Monday, March 9, 2009

JD's mis-Fortune with INXS

In a spot of late news, I wanted to discuss the firing of JD Fortune from INXS. If you haven't heard, it was reported that the band told Fortune that we don't have What you need.

For those that don't know Fortune, he was the winner of the 2005 reality show entitle Rockstar: INXS. He was able to Mystify the crowd and band to take the place of former lead singer Michael Hutchence who had killed himself years earlier, perhaps wrestling with a Devil Inside.

One of these two made Rockstar: INXS "must-see" TV...guess which?

Fortune was supposedly deep into Cocaine use on the bands last tour to find a New Sensation. His erratic behavior to the band obviously led INXS to Kick him from the band.

Fortune states that he was left with a handshake in the Hong Kong airport with no Bitter Tears, and went On my way. He obviously wanted to Disappear as he know lives in his car. (not known if it is down by the river)

INXS responded by saying his statement was untrue, and that they had lost Faith in Each Other. Even their manager did not choose to Mediate the situation, and categorically denied Fortune's claims.

I am one who is truly disappointed by this news. I have followed INXS from their beginning, and hoped that the Afterglow from their TV series would propel them to more good music.

Is Gavin from Bush the long-lost twin of Hutchence??

Perhaps it is true that the band will never be good again since Hutchence committed Suicide. Blonde performer Suzie Mcneil would have been a better fit for the band than Fortune, but didn't even make the finals on the TV show.


Alex L said...

So many... puns... can't move...

I strongly dislike INXS. Very strongly.

Brandon Dee said...

hehe great article, loved the puns... i want the job, but of "all the voices", i will be happy to "face the change" looking forward to the "horizons" to a new "time" when we can "hear that sound" and... uh "Kiss the Dirt (Falling down a mountain)" :)

I think INXS is the best band ever. Vesry strongly.

Rock Out! ---B

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I liked the blonde, too.

But really? Was it 2005? That kind of flips me out. What have I been doing since then?

Anonymous said...

Skeet Ulrich kinda looks like Mike too. Look him up.

Jiya said...

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