Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where the Hell is he?

The author is currently pulling a Jim Rome, and spending time in the basement.

No really...I'm really in the basement.
Due to a forced week-long furlough at work, I have a bunch of spare time on my hands. You'd think this would lead to increased blogging. Not true.
Our basement is unfinished, and I felt that building tree-houses in my youth qualified me to start working on the framing and electrical.
Every waking minute is spent thinking about mistakes I've made, and how to fix them.
First mistake: Not purchasing a nail gun.
What idiot frames without this? Me. 80% of frustration comes from this mistake. Unfortunately, this week-long furlough is unpaid, so I don't have the extra cash-flow. Hammer away.
Second mistake: Watching a lot of DIY network.
Did you know they can complete an kitchen renovation in roughly 28 minutes? It takes me 28 minutes to measure and place one stud. Studly indeed.
Third mistake: Blatant use of the foot-hammer.
Demolition of existing framing using a 12 inch pry bar, and no sledgehammer requires innovation only seen in the completely desperate.
Fourth mistake: Setting a time-line.
20 minutes into the project I was behind schedule. I am immersed in "behind schedule."
Look for me in the ER shortly. Or perhaps a psychiatrist.


Alex L said...

Looks finished to me, just put some carpet down it'll be fine.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

You'll love it when it's finished and you can "ground" the kids to the basement.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

You're a brave, brave man. Or perhaps insane. We'll see.

just a girl... said...

it always cracks me up to see basements. We have no basements in texas.

dizzblnd said...

Have more faith in yourself you'll be fine

Cameron said...

You lucky bastard.....furlough or no, you get to do something manly, like knock shit down, then put shit back in it's place. Good times, and think of all the quality time you're getting with yourself.

Grant Miller said...

I'm kind of the same way, but in my closet.

Oh wait...that didn't come out right.

boisebyufans said...

Hey, atleast you have a basement!! I have all this food storage with no where to put it!! Basements always freak me out, I still get the creeps in my parents basement. . .I think dead people live down there. . .but don't you have experience with that??

Major Undeclared said...

I've watched plenty of home redo shows on TLC so I'm pretty sure I could help you out with that one. All I need is half an hour and a gay carpenter and we'd be set.

Jenn Thorson said...

Good gad, that looks grim, Matt. Please reassure me that after a week of this, you won't be very pale, and whispering sweetly to your hammer, "My presciousssssss."

Matt said...

Alex--in full disclosure, the picture attached is not my basement.


Doug--brave isn't the word most use. Whiny maybe.

Just a girl--Just slabs...lived there...too hot.

dzzblnd--I have faith in a plumber to do the job right...not myself.

Cameron--you're right...didn't look at it that way.

Grant--it's not allowed to tell funnier jokes in comments than are in my posts.

Boise--I grew up living in a basement...perhaps that is why I have issues.

major--how do watch TLC without cable?

jenn--already done.

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