Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time's a wasting

When I was a younger, I always heard people complain about how they never had any extra time in the day. They'd say that they wished there were more hours in the day. I also wished this, but for the sole reason that I could sleep 14 hours in one day instead of 7-8.
Unfortunately, I've turned into the people that I used to scoff. I now have very little extra time in my life.

I started this blog for many reasons. One was to improve my story-telling/writing skills. As my blog now qualifies as "elementary-school" reading level, I think I've definitely improved. I also wanted to have people stop by and get a smile from something I've written. To my 9 loyal readers, I hope this has been true.
After a month of posting, I realized that it was very easy to put out mindless drivel for a post. A blog that releases a post every single day, generally has a higher return rate of regular readers, so it was tempting for me to put out something every day.
Unfortunately, to release a post every day was a two-edged sword. I had to either sacrifice time or quality.

So I moved to posting about 3x a week. I felt that this would be a good level to put out funny posts without spending too much time on this blog.

Alas, I have found that the one or more of the following must be true to put out a high-quality, regular posting blog:

You are unemployed.
You are retired.
You have no children, or have a live-in nanny.
You are a stay-at-home mom who blogs when children are napping.
You blog at work.
You cheat your spouse and children of quality time.
You make actual money with your blog. (hahahaha)
You are Stephon Marbury.
F) none of the above

I answer F to the above question, and thus have to re-evaluate how I divvy out my time.

I rarely cut into "family time" to blog. It's too important. I sometimes ditch the wife in the evenings to write a post.
I also sometimes write a few paragraphs during slow time at work.

In this economic "clogged toilet," I think that having a good job is very important. I work for a good company, and make a decent living. I'd rather like to keep my job. I would hate to get laid off, and the reason they use is "internet usage at work."
That would be a great "welcome home."

Matt: Hi Honey.
Wife: Why are you home early?
Matt: I got laid off.
Wife: Why.
Matt: So a few people could get a laugh on my blog.
Wife: Are they going to give us money?
Matt: Perhaps for sexual favors.

In addition, blogging is more like a community. Only a narcissist puts out content on his/her blog, and never goes to read any other blogs.
Recently, my time reading other blogs has decreased greatly as I try not to view many external web-sites at work.

The moral of the story is that I cannot put out quality humor content on a regular basis with my current schedule. Thus I have decided to put this blog on "hiatus" until the new year. At that time, I think I'll concentrate on putting out posts that I am truly proud of...even if is only once or twice a month. I will not post YouTube videos or tell you about what I ate for lunch just to get "something out there."

In the meantime, please subscribe to this blog in the right-hand corner of the page. You won't have to check in, but will still receive any new content.

I also still write periodically for You'll still see one or two posts a month there.

Most free time blogging will be spent at Go check it out. A completely different take on reviews, and there is a good team of funny writers.

To my 9 loyal readers who have followed me regularly, I thank you. Future posts will be forthcoming, and hopefully be very funny.


Allison said...


But, I completely understand where you're coming from. It is a lot of work, even if you're just posting 3x a week.

Happy Holidays!! See you next year!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

hmmm that you make this lil sea change of your posting schedule at this time----was it because I tagged ya with the Xmas quiz?? I didn't realize you had a life, and were squeezed for time---hey, I do fully understand your reasoning, and look forward to those solitary posts-----have a happy thanksgiving and a merry Christmas.

Don said...

Good luck. I've been checking out Review-Spew and it's a cool blog...see ya over there.

The Nemesing One said...

You sir are a complete and utter Vagina - enjoy your spare time Princess.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

You selfish selfish bastard. You're going to make me depend on The Nemesing One for my daily fix of humor, and you know how hit-and-miss that can be!

Well, I hope your lovely wife is happy. Doesn't she realize that this marriage thing is until "death do you part", but the average blog lasts less than a year?? She'll see more of you than she cares to over the next few years, so tell her sit quietly on the sofa until you get yet one more spleen-bustin' funny post on the blogosphere.

Thanks. I knew you'd understand.

David said...

Well, this just sucks the big one.

I wish you well but, damn, you have left us high and dry with very little but TNO to sustain us through our lonely nights...and knights too - whatever that means.

Alex L said...

Hey its understandable, three times a week is a hassel for me as well and I dont have a family to look after. Hope you come back soon.

Anonymous said...

As someone with five !?! blogs, I completely understand. I'm cutting back to two in the coming year (sound like a smoker, don't I?). But sometimes you have to do that before it smokes you. I will look forward to your work on Scrivel and Review Spew from time to time...but I'll keep your blog in my Reader so when you make your triumphant return! :)

eve cleveland said...

You just said things that I have been thinking. I admire your decision to spend the time focusing on your family and look forward to your return.

Diesel said...

It is definitely tough to keep up sometimes (and I work from home and post only 3 days a week). Good luck figuring out how to balance everything.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Family vs. Blogging with Strangers

Blogging with Strangers sounds like a bad 80's sit com, or a stupid emo group.

Family wins.

I hope you continue to waste away time reading blogs and leaving fun comments:)

Jenn Thorson said...

Aw, I totally understand, Matt-- but I'm still going to sulk about it a little, if you'll permit me.

I mean, I'd just discovered you here a couple months ago and now you're going on hiatus.

Still, I appreciate your desire for quality. It's your good writing that got me reading and chuckling in the first place.

I hope you find the right balance for you.

Da Old Man said...

I guess I need to subscribe, then. BTW, I really like your work at Review Spew.

Matt said...

Allison--Thanks for reading. Hiatus for me means something different than "Mr Coopers Place." I'll actually be back.

Gary--No issues with the quiz. Thanks for stopping by.

Don--Thanks for visiting. Feel free to submit a review idea on the site.

TNO--I knew you'd be disappointed.

Doug--No worries...I'll be back and better than ever. (that sounded like a line from a musical)

David--TNO is available still...even if he speaks of golden showers.....yikes.

Alex--The family is not the's the "doing at work thing." Not something I want to mess with.

UR--You make my return sound like the 2nd coming of...never mind. It'll be more like the Hee Haw reunion tour.

Eve--Every blogger goes through "funks." I don't want to still post crap in that funk. There will be good stuff in the future.

Diesel--Balancing is not my forte.

SSS--Maybe I should turn this into an EMO may have something there.

Jenn--thanks for visiting. I'll be back. (giving Arnold eyes)

OldMan--Hopefully it will only get better...we're just starting out.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

The best thing of all? Now I have that great Johnny/June tune in my head: "Time's A-Wastin'"


Kelli said...

I just got here and you're leaving? That totally sucks...

loosecannon said...

Listen -- stop worrying about quality just puke it out like the narcissitic hacks at RUFKM! We have no quality control whatsoever! Get a few other non talent friends like mine to help out and you'll be spewing out random crap everyday! Take it from us! Quality is overated! Our 9 readers don't mind so keep on keeping on! You'll hate yourself if you stop.... but if you do ... I am totally stealing your dead flamingo header.

Deez Nuts,

LC and the RUFKM Army

loosecannon said...

I don't speel to gud with wurds lik narcisiissism

Anonymous said...

Great Job on your blog, even with the little time you have. Tag Your It,,,stop on by for some laughs!

Dan Brantley said...

Great post on the time. I am currently in category A on the list and it's still hard to get out more than three posts a week. Good posts. I've checked out ReviewSpew interesting stuff.
Don't forget you friends at HumorBloggers.

One Hypo said...

Do you mind if I hang around here until you get back?

Beer said...

Is that the Triple Nine Society logo I see on that clock?

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