Monday, November 24, 2008

BCS dreaming

2004...BCS bound....

2008...BCS bound....


The "Holy War" on Saturday did not live up to its billing as BYU QB Max "what's that wrinkle between your eyes" Hall personally accounted for 6 turnovers. When asked about his propensity for turnovers after the game, he replied "I love all, cherry, and even those weird chocolate ones that Arbys put out for a while."

Utah coach Kyle "that's where my 30 pounds went" Whittingham took a Gatorade bath, and quieted all the rumors that the only reason Utah was successful in 2004 was because of Urban Meyer.

And in the "sweeter than Grandma's apple pie" vein, the Utes have probably blocked Boise State from gaining entrance to the BCS for the 2nd time in 5 years. How sweet it is!!!


Sully Sullivan said...

I actually haven't followed college football in a few years but coincidentally the last season I really followed was that 2004 season.

Since I'm Canadian and have no real allegiance to any college football team, I can safely say Go Utes.

muskrat said...

As long as they never block the Tide. Ha! As if.

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