Sunday, November 9, 2008

Battle of the Bands Pt 2

In our second installment, of the "Battle of the Bands," I have two worthy candidates today.
I'm trying hard to top the two bands from last time, but it will be hard.

Take a look, and vote below for your favorite.

Up first we have Eddy Murphy's gay cousin, Captain Underpants, and tweaker violinist. Enjoy. It's like Sesame Street goes to Hell.

For intermission, I bring to you the worst video of all-time...but there is a catch. Zlad is much like Borat, and is pulling a fast one on us....Needless to say, this video will make you fall out of your chair.

And our second contestant is the lovable Fredy Miler. You'll think you're getting "pinball wizard" at the beginning of the video, but you can only be so lucky. Welcome to Fredy's world, where tweezers are taboo, and fashion mirrors are chic.

As always, vote below for the winner.


Jenn Thorson said...

This is a very, very tough call, you know. The first video, I think we can eliminate based on the kid-based cheese factor, so prevalent in society of the time. (snicker)

The second video has been sent to me by several people over the years and is horrifying. But does it KNOW it's horrifying or is it accidentally horrifying? One wonders.

The third video, well, that man has a unibrow that rivals Bert of Sesame Street. However, with proper mixing, his song might be catchy.

As I said, a very tough call.

Cy said...

My, my Zlad was great and I can't believe I watched Unibrow's entire video! Oh- well someone had to do it, I suppose. Why not me? That brow is gonna' haunt me all day long.

Jayson Cole (KrunkMode) said...

Dear God!

That 2nd video was uni-brow central! I will have to go with number one though...eddie murphy's cousin has some slick moves!

ktales said...

WTF - I can't even think about the time of my life that was just lost by watching any of these videos :)

I would have to say the winner was the unibrow dude, down right the worst but that doesn't say much.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

That first video - I'm pretty sure the guy in blue is Joey from "Full House". Not that I ever watch that, much.

Alex L said...

The only way to describe the look on my face for the first video is to slap you with a badger...

Zlad, is actually Santo Cilauro an Australian sketch comic. I would think that video is from 'The DeGeneration' a classic Austrailan sketch comedy show.

The third one was just bad, bad bad. But Captain underpants gets my vote.

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