Friday, October 31, 2008

Nightmare on my street

You're getting jack on here today....but I still have a new post.
You'll just have to meander on over to to take a look. It's Halloween-related, and may be worth a chuckle or two. Take a look HERE.

Speaking of nightmares....
Some of you may have read my past post on my sleeping problems. Last night I had a nightmare that was so real, I wouldn't be surprised if it came true.
I'm a huge University of Utah football fan. As some may know, we're #10 in the most recent BCS standings. For a non-BCS school to gain entry into the BCS bowls, you pretty much have to go undefeated, so a loss would put us in some crappy bowl in Forth Worth or Boise.

Saturday, we're in Albuquerque to play the University of New Mexico. Despite all the trailer parks, and meth labs, UNM has always given us troubles in football.
In my dream, I watched us go down to UNM 24-10. Terrible.
Just an FYI, this coming Thursday, we play at home against TCU. Should be a good one with 2 top 15 teams.

If you're wandering around the blogosphere this weekend, you should go check out a new site that I'm affiliated with.
I think it'll be a great site which reviews anything and everything...along with some humor.
The debut of the site is tomorrow. (Nov 1st) Over the next few days there will be a few new posts with new reviews.


Don said...

Good luck with the game tomorrow and Thurs. and with the new site too.

Allison said...

My nightmare involves an Oregon receiver losing the game for the Duckies against Cal by either a)dropping a ball on 4th down on the five-yard line that my Grandma could have caught or b)fumbling the ball out of the endzone in the waning moments.

Wait. Those aren't nightmares. Those are true stores.

P.S. I am too lazy to go to the web site, is Andy Ludwig still there?

eve cleveland said...

Hey, hon..
I wanted to thank you for your entre card on my site. And for giving me some things to click on this weekend too! That new site sounds interesting....kind of like your dream.

Matt said...

Thanks Don.

Allison--We still have Ludwig. He was "on the ropes" until the current season. It's funny how winning cures all bad feelings.
Honestly, he is a pro-set O-coordinator running a spread option offense. Our QB was built for the spread, so he runs it.
If we would have had a poor season this year, I believe he would have been canned. Now it seems that he's talking about a HC job somewhere else. Joke.

Eve--No problem.
I'm excited about our new site...we'll never run out of "material" posting reviews about everything.

Allison said...

Interesting. A similar thing happened at Oregon, but the winning didn't come so he left for Utah. He has a very subdued, laid back style and I think most programs are trying to go in a different direction. (Or, at least, that was part of the issue at Oregon).

Anyways, go Utes!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

have added the new site to my blog role and will give it a trial run period, kinda looks interesting----(lol)

Gary (old dude)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I just wanted to report that Teen and six of his buddies placed some foil around their wrists and got their free burritos at Chipotle. And those are kickarse seven dollar burritos.

Anyway, it makes my life easier: no costume, no dinner.

And I'm doing it next year!

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