Monday, October 20, 2008

An aMUSEing twilight's last gleam

It's not very often that I pick up a "new band" in my musical listening repertoire. As you can see in my top 5 albums, I still enjoy the crowings of Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins. I don't usually listen to FM radio stations, (although my fine town has a good one that I like) so I don't hear much "new music." And the new music I do hear doesn't usually strike a chord with me.

A while ago, my brother gave me a few recommendations for new bands that I could "try on for size." He suggested Travis, Muse, and I don't remember the 3rd. Based on his list, I told him that I already had my fill of whiny British bands with Coldplay, and was still feeling the after-effects of depression from Oasis in years past. He curtly let me know that he would not be recommending any other music to me in the future.

I downloaded a couple albums by Muse, and promptly left them in an unknown folder on a backup drive somewhere in the depths of my PC. Later, on a "clean-up" of my hard drives, I found the music and threw it on my Zune. (fyi..this is the IPOD for people who are cheap) Wow, wow, and triple wow. As I've mentioned before, this band is sky-rocketing up the chart of my "favorites."

In my quest to let the world know how great I thought this band was, I realized that somebody had beaten me to it.

Stephanie Meyer.

Who?? Oh...if you're a female, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Turns out, that Meyer took inspiration from the music of Muse while writing her world-famous Twilight series. This in itself is not a bad thing. She seems like a nice lady who really likes krispy kremes, and made a jillion dollars writing books. Good on her.
The irritating thing, is that it appears that many of her fans (I'll refer to them as Ed-heads from here on out) also took a liking to the band.
Why is it bad that the Ed-heads also like the same band I do? (A similar group also stole Ben Folds from me, but Ben also contributed to the demise)

If you were to randomly surf a blogger blog, 1 out of every 3 would have some sort of "homage" to Edward on the front page. Rather than demean a single blog by giving the link, I'll demean them all and post my own "pretender Twilight post."

Holy freak!!! I totally just finished the new Twilight book in 27 hours!! I was way tired, and my DH was waaay bugged that he couldn't go to the gym because he had to watch the kids. I think he was little mad:)

It was way worth it though. The only time I stopped reading was to use the restroom. Gross on bringing the book in the bathroom. Germ City!!!

I only cried once, but totally got teary-eyed like 58 times thinking about the love between Edward and Bella.
I don't know what I'm going to do now that I'm finished with the book. I've watched the movie trailer like 25 times, and will be at the theater for the 12:01 show.

Whoever is interested,
we're thinking about traveling to Phoenix for a speech by Meyer. I will like totally be so excited to see her in person. I really want to ask how she knows me personally and how the love between Edward and Bella was the most perfect thing ever!!!

I gotta go. DH a
nd the kids are ready to go the cheesecake factory. We're celebrating his promotion!! His down-line is exploding!!!

I realize that this does not completely describe all Twilight/Muse fans....and if a large number of you think I'm wrong, perhaps you hire a new PR firm.

Completely grounded women are also wrapped up in this fictional male character. (The perfect man...written by a woman)

My sister (whom is very normal and grounded) was driving with her husband and kids one day. Her husband noticed her looking ponderously out the window and asked her what was wrong.
She stated, "I'm just thinking about Edward."

My wife (who is the most normal person I know in this world) even got wrapped up in the books. She didn't have the fascination that other women did, but still enjoyed the books. Sometimes she'd be reading as we were going to bed, and EVERY single time that I'd ask her what was going on in the book, she'd say: "They're just talking."
I've seen this movie. It's called "Lost in Translation." Do you want to know what happens in that movie? Talking....lots of talking. This precedes some more talking, and for fun you can throw in some drinking...followed by talking.

I'm completely off the main point, but the rant has momentum, and cannot be stopped.

For years, two of my favorite shows were "Angel" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The amount of ridicule that I received for liking these shows was enormous. Usually it would start with
"What are those stupid vampire shows you like so much?," and would go down-hill from there.
Perhaps I paid 5 bucks a month just to get a WB/UPN affiliate to watch a vampire dramas. Anything Joss Whedon does is gold...c'mon.

And yet, not 10 years later, the same women who thought it was so funny that I liked stupid vampire shows are counting down the days until the vampire movie release. (I will NOT be going to the movie....unless it has Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in it)

I've rationally thought about this, and I think I understand.
Ed-heads don't really like Muse. In fact, they don't even really like Vampires. They like the love story between the main characters.
You could have placed the love story in a fish processing plant in Alaska with a mer-man who visits a girl that loves to pull out fish guts. You could have called it "Surflight."

Further evidence.

Here are a group of Twilight fans.

Here is a fan of vampires.

Here are a bunch of fans at a Muse concert.

The only reason I'd see the first group of women at a Muse concert, is to sit outside helping their daughters sell girl-scout cookies. (mmm tagalongs)

From now on, I'll leave the Ed-heads alone. I'll let them neglect their kids while reading the books on top of a running washing machine to their hearts content. Oh...and Ed marries Bella, knocks her up, turns her into a vampire, and they have a non-vampire kid.
I saw this crap many years ago on Angel. Suckers.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I maybe getting old-----I at least have heard of the music group "The smashed pumpkins", the rest of those you named I havn't a clue about, as for stephanie Meyer have no idea who she is---ah maybe married to Oscar?? otherwise found your post kinda interesting---waay cool. I saw the movie lost in translation----pretty boring stuff.

I Punched A Werewolf in the Face said...

Oh poo-poo. Muse is now super freaking popular b/c of Meyer...sad face? wtf? I don't think so. Not from me, anyway.

I loved Muse for years before I'd ever heard of Twilight...And when I read know what I heard? Muse.

Muse has such fantastically complicated dramatic and emotionally pushing music--it goes perfectly with this (purposefully) over the top love story.

I don't think you know your fanpires as well as you might think you do. Don't let the hormones that Twilight fandom seems to use as fuel fool you.

Many, many, if not MOST of the fans are fans of vampire stories. It is the rare fan that hasn't enjoyed Angel or Buffy (and are now moving on to True Blood).

I mean, your picture doesn't look like the picture you provided of a "vampire fan"..I know you were being flippant, but it's quite unfair of you.

If you'd like another side of the fandom, I'd advise you to check out this blog.

I mean, really, it's a fandom like any other. You've got your extremes with most people fitting in the middle, y'know that. Stop Hating.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

Matt : 3 comments in one here.

1. You had me at "Germ City!!!" LOL.
2. Lost in Translation needed more ghosts. And whacked out groundskeepers. And Andie MacDowell.
3. The "humor blog" concept just sails about 12 kilometers over some people's heads, doesn't it?
Keep up the nice work.

I Punched A Werewolf in the Face said...

I guess sarcasm doesn't travel well through the interwebs either :p

The Nemesing One said...

Matt - My daughter is a huge fan. My wife hates everything to do with vampires. She will not read about them, watch movies about them or even discuss them with you, but she loves the Twilight series. You are completely right in your description of a twilight fan.

I Punched A Werewolf In The Face - real vampire fans like to cut themselves and self pleasure themselves with crucifixes. Vampire Fans might = Twilight Fans, but Twilight Fans does not = Vampire Fans.

GeneratedMadness said...

Muse is excellent. Absolution is still one of my favorite recent albums. I am also one of the other 12 Zune owners in the world. The rest of the post was all new to me - pretty funny.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

I'm sorry Punched. My sarcasm recognition lobe was severely damaged in a Blink 182 mosh pit accident.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Vampire books suck. Was that obvious?

Fergdawg said...

Three words that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Knights of Cydonia. One of the greatest songs ever written. Thank you whinly British band.

Jenn Thorson said...

Oh boy, I had no prior knowledge about this, or that any such enthusiasm was sweeping the nation. I haven't read the book. I watched Buffy and Angel but don't get over enthralled with vampires as a, er, community.

I catch myself in these films looking at the architecture and antiques and not paying attention to the pale people with all the dialog.


Matt said...

Gary--Smashed pumpkins is close...I also like Mitch Sinatra.

werewolf--can't we just be friends??

doug--That sounds like the Frighteners...I love that show.

TNO--I've never put a tongue in cheek warning on my page..perhaps the rant got out of hand.....naw.

madness-Love em.

home and uncool--You have obviousness in spades.

fergdawg--That is their 4th greatest song to date....It's perfect when you're out runnning....and the video is great too.

Jenn--Pale...are you talking about me?? This computer tan is not flattering.

Major Undeclared said...

So when did you get in the business of stealing subject lines?
Have you listened to travis yet? hurry up before j.k. rowling gets on that bandwagon.
The third band was "spoon" which i hate to say was mentioned by Stephanie meyer. If i didn't hate the books and all of her vampire thievery of buffy, we might actually have a lot in common.
excuse me while i get a lobotomy.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

This cracked me up :P I liked the books, but then I'm a big reader and it's not like their the best thing I've EVER read and I'm WELL aware that her "perfect man" isn't real - and he actually irritates me sometimes...

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

My daughter asked me to buy her that book at the mall. A book? That was a first. Beats the heck out of Mac makeup.

I guess every generation has to have their Bridges of Madison County. Not to say that I've read that one, of course.

Dan da Man said...

I wish i could have posts that long but the voices get to loud if i dont get to my point quickly

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