Thursday, September 4, 2008

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

We've been working with younger girl (just turned 6) to ride her bike without training wheels this summer. She's very tentative, and rarely wanted to go out and try. Over the past couple weeks, it clicked, and she's been motoring all around the neighborhood.
Older boy (3 and a half) saw both his older sisters riding around without training wheels, and obviously didn't want to be left out. He demanded we take his training wheels off, and practice with him.

So we took the training wheels off, and held the bike while he pedaled around the neighborhood. The logistics of this process were very troubling for me.
First, his total lack of balance made it necessary to hold the bike seat the entire time.
Next, the bike is so small, that the only person that would feel comfortable holding the seat would be Quasimodo or the creepy little lady from Poltergeist.
Lastly, he would want you to let go every time, saying that he could do it himself. The only thing he ended up doing himself was ending up sideways in the grass.

I ended up putting his training wheels back on the bike, as it was easier for me to send him out to ride by himself.

This did not please older boy.

Every day was filled with "Take my training wheels off."
I would explain that he was getting better, but couldn't ride by himself yet. He didn't concur.

So, the other day, I took the training wheels off so he could practice. After 10 minutes of back-breaking-seat-holding, we wrapped it up.

A couple days later, older boy came in to get my wife. He wanted to show off his new skill.
Apparently, he would get on the bike himself, and coast down the driveway with his feet touching to learn some balance. This he repeated until he was able to pedal on his own and keep his balance.
Fast forward a day later, and the kid is like a junior Lance Armstrong but with 2 balls.
Check out the little dude in action.

As a parent, could it be that I'm just getting in the way? What other skills or things would the boy do if I just let him "do his own thing?"

He'd obviously find the dirty channels on satellite if I took the parental lock away.
He would feed our fish 34 times a day. I wonder what obese fish look like?
His diet would consist of BBQ Lays, Oreos, and Dr. Pepper.
If I stopped telling him to quit grabbing his crotch, perhaps he would stop on his own.
Our Tivo would have 36 hours of Ben Ten Alien Force.
The boy would wear pajamas all day.

I suppose I should get involved in some things. I am going to leave some golf clubs in his room should he get a wild hair to teach himself how to golf. If he could learn a skill that would make

him rich...all the better.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

raisning kids is a matter of selectively lowering the rails as tnhey gain the knowledgeto leap ever higher---til one day---they are out of the barn for good---and you can only hope you have managed to exposed them to sufficient knowdlege and that it has been obsorbed----one has to admire the boys attitude about testing himself and looking for every bigger challenges.

Chat Blanc said...

your boy rocks! btw, all the things you listed that he might do if you let him--um, I hate to tell you, but I know grown men who do all of those things, so really, what's the risk?? :)

Dan da Man said...

Do what my parents did drop him off in the middle of the woods and if he finds his way home awesome if not you never had a kid

But he might be to old for that

Alex L said...

Riding without training wheels already... make him go and get a job, you could retire! He seems ready.

muskrat said...

Get him a chemical set and see what happens. That could be fun.

Are those mountains in the background on that video? If so, I'm jealous!

muskrat said...

Oh yeah, I had to look at your profile again. Idaho. Must be nice!

Shieldmaiden96 said...

He rides like he's been doing it forever. And he's THREE. Holy cow.

You're in trouble.

Meg said...

Great for him!

I hate it when I teach my kid something--like how to play tennis--and then he beats me every time.

Just how many of you humor bloggers are there in Idaho? ;)

loosecannon said...


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