Friday, August 22, 2008

Solitary Man

I eat alone. Every day, I eat lunch alone.

A daily ritual is to decide where I should eat alone.

Should I:

Eat alone at my desk?
Eat alone in my car?
Eat alone in the cafeteria?
Eat alone at a restaurant?

It didn't always used to be this way. At my old job, I didn't eat alone. I always went with a group of guys out to lunch. It really didn't matter why I was invited...pity...shame...secret crush. (oh yes...they were all guys. You never know.)
We'd regale ourselves with disgusting humor, laugh at the world around us, rib each other till it cut to the core, and decide if we were fat enough to go get ice cream after our lunch. Every day, lunch was an hour of respite from the mundane---the repetition. Good times.

It's not like there isn't anyone to go to lunch with at my new job. In fact, I'm invited quite often...mostly turning down the invitations.
Perhaps they don't live up to the old group. Perhaps I'm not a friendly guy anymore. But...perhaps I'd just rather eat alone.

The other day I took a nap in my car under the shade of a large Oak tree.
The day after that, I listened to music parked at the base of a mountain forest.
I always get exactly what I want to eat.
I can usually get through 30-40 pages on a lunch with a good book.

I eat alone....and I think I like it.

Sit back...and enjoy the ride with the sequined one.


Anonymous said...

For the sake of office relationships, you may want to go to lunch with coworkers once a week. Increasing bonds with fellow staff members will reduce office tension and overall work stress.

Sully Sullivan said...

I've eaten alone at my desk every single day of my new job. My situation is almost exactly like yours with the having gone almost every day at my old job.

I, too, have no idea why this is.

I hope I helped! haha.

Serial Monogamist said...

Mr. Cruse,

Are you effing kidding me? You can have PERFECTLY good working relationships with people and not have to witness them picking the shredded beef from their tacos out of their teeth with your business card.

I say the Oak tree nap time sound tres fabu.

Dan da Man said...

An hour is to long for lunch give me 15 mins

Da Old Man said...

It depends on whether or not you punch a clock. If you do, then solitary is fine, you get your 60 minutes or whatever, then back to the grind. But no clock, and you can easily turn an hour lunch into a 2 hour combination lunch/business meeting.
Hooters used to host most of our such meetings where I used to work.

Athena said...

I agree with Serial Monogamist. In fact, it's probably better for inner office relationships that you don't have to witness folks picking gunk out of their teeth.

Also, I left ya a little something at my blog!

Raimo 'RayRay' Pregel said...

I never really understood why people wanted to eat with other people.
Personally I don´t see the slightest difference, oh well, guess it all comes down to what people want to do while they´re eating.


Anonymous said...

I like to make YUM YUM noises when I eat and I prefer doing that ALONE. If you prefer being alone, GREAT, but one wonders why you didn't feel like being alone at your old job. Are you depressed and don't realize it?

The Nemesing One said...

Your old group of friends sound like the biggest group of faggots the world has ever known. Jeez, you're actually pining over the loss of them. Lunch, in the car, with a book is the only way to go. I ate lunch with a former co-worker the other day. It was really cool (especially since he paid), but if I had to eat with him every day I think I'd have to put a bullet in my brain. You're better off as a "solitary man".

The Acorn King said...

Ha, you read my mind. I have a Neil Diamond video in my next post...but it's Cracklin' Rosie.

The Hypocritical One said...

For full disclosure, I do get dragged into a weekly lunch with a couple guys.
I imagine it would be enjoyable for someone who enjoyed talking about car parts.

Meg said...

Hey, I had Cracklin' Rosie on my blog before Acorn King.

WTF? First everyone's blogging about mammaries and now it's Neil Diamond.

Is it me, or does he really look hot here?

The Nemesing One said...

The Hyp One has a few Neil Diamond post since July 4, 2008. I think it's a man-boy love thing.

The Hypocritical One said...

We are Jewish brothers at heart.

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