Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I couldn't make this crap up

Pull up a chair and take a look at the world in which we live.

Booger the Pit Bull is back! All 5 of him:
I wish this wasn't true. This lady mortgaged her house to the tune of 50K, and had her beloved dead dog "Booger" cloned---5 times. I hear that breed of dog is very snotty.
I had bad dreams about "Pet Cemetery," and the whole concept is a little too creepy for me. I wonder if they'll all barf and crap in the same place on the carpet---I mean, they are the same dog.

Worlds oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC:
Guess what it is---drum roll---a fart joke!! Who says poop humor isn't timeless? In fact...there are a multitude of web-sites dedicated just to pictures of poop. Yup..A random Google search took me straight there. I lasted 13 seconds on the site, as the steam rising off my monitor was making my eyes water.
I know that my browser has "favorites" or "bookmarks"...but I'd really like to add "never go there again links." Mrpoop would be first in line. (the funny thing, is that his traffic is probably 100X mine...and he hasn't updated the site since 2006)

Olsen seeks immunity in Ledger probe:
When asked by her publicist for a statement, Mary-Kate Olsen said "I really need that immunity...I need my fix right now." When it was explained to her that she was probably thinking of immunization, and that these shots don't generally produce a high, Olsen stated "Are you sure?? I heard that MMR shot, really gets you flying."

Video game helps young cancer patients take meds:
This "scientific" survey found that when kids played a game called "Re-mission" they were 16% more likely to take their cancer meds. Re-mission is a game about a robot who enters a cancerous body and kills all the cancer cells while the robot deals with the side effects of chemotherapy.
It was also found that when kids played a game called "topless women," they were 86% more likely to take 4 showers a day with the door locked.
Duh!! A video game about a cancer patient...which helps a cancer patient to remember to take his cancer medication.......16%.....and they get paid for this....

Favre leaves Lambeau, maybe Packers:
This story has become a sports talk radio wet dream. Whenever I see this on ESPN or hear it on the radio, I instantly become sleepier than sitting through a Dave Matthews my brain receptors have Favre overload.

Black reporter booted from McCain rally:
Don't worry...this story has no mention on if the reporter wanted to sit in the FRONT of the "Straight talk express."


Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

I'm really moved by all these newsworthy stories--bowel movement that is.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

You are probably right about the poop site getting more traffic. Which I think stinks. So to speak.

One of those sad-but-true things.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

and speaking of pooping, what's up with McCain's face?

Da Old Man said...

My favorite is rate my

Just sayin.

And Mike and Mike has pretty much become the Brett Favre show with short breaks called , "In other sports news."

Dan da Man said...

Wake me when this Favre stuff is over i mean you can only say the same stuff about him for so many weeks

Drowsey Monkey said...

All sounds pretty normal to me. Which is sad. ;)

The Hypocritical One said...

Sandy--Anything with Mary-Kate catches my attention.

Nanny--Old Mac has a slight temper.

Old man--thanks for the link...Now how to keep my cell phone from falling in when taking a picture...

Dan--You're 17, and it's the should be sleeping in until noon anyway.

Monkey--Nobody would listen to good stories.

Jeff said...

Can the media please be done with the Favre story now? It wasn't interesting 6 months ago and whether he plays with the Packers, the Jets or himself makes no difference to me.

Dan da Man said...

I hate summer it is to effing hot i love winter and wearing shorts in 20 degree weather

Alice said...

The woman holding the dog is much scarier than the idea of cloning dogs. Yowza!

Stephanie M said...

Yes - Alice is right on - we should thank our lucky stars her house wasn't worth more...

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