Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh the places you'll go....

If you've read here over the past 2 months, you've noticed that I live in a small town in Idaho. It's not terrible. In fact, it may be growing on me.

If you read a recent post, you got a birds-eye view of the place we were recently renting. We moved into a house a couple weeks ago, but back in that old neighborhood, there was a sight too good to pass up.
Let's set up the hypothetical--you live in a trailer park, and want to "stand out" from your neighbors. Mowing or watering your lawn would work. Perhaps trimming down to less than 4 cars would help also. Getting rid of sections of your fence that include a wood pallet would also work. Or, you could be like this guy:

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the picture. When you are afraid of getting chased by Pit bulls on one side, and getting the stink-eye from the neighbors out the other, you must take a quick cell-phone picture.
I know you're thinking "Is that really what I think it is??" Yes it is. A ski-fence. It's genius really. Head on down to Goodwill, grab a pair of old skis for 5 bucks, and you've got yourself 8 inches of fence!! This is less than 10 bucks a foot for the fence. Much cheaper than cedar or vinyl fencing.
It's probably very easy to hang Christmas lights on also. Just loop in and out of the ski tips. It's just like crochet. In fact, I was surprised not to find the Christmas lights already on the fence. So many other of the neighbors had theirs on. In fact, I think July is the turning point for Christmas lights. The previous months, everyone says you "left them on", but starting in July, you're now "preparing for the holidays."
There are many other signs on this property that add to the ambiance. The giant "I love Sweden" sign is not visible as the emergency support vehicle is blocking it from view.
I also love the "zero-scape" in the front yard. I hear this is all the rage now. Funny how it started in trailer parks.
On a sad note--he will probably have to start mowing his sidewalk soon. The foliage coming up through the cement is starting to take over.
It should be noted that he has a POW-MIA flag in the front. If he is a veteran, I thank him for his service. I also thank him for finding a home for my 1991 Kastle 195's with hot pink on the bottom.
I saw at least 4 ski-fences here. You should go look.


The Nemesing One said...

He's flying the American flag and it was the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's day, and terrorist hadn't just attacked. This guys ok with me. Patriot first, "Best in Show" at the Parade of Homes second (or probably last).

The Hypocritical One said...

I have no beef with Swedish-Americans who are POW's that really enjoy winter sports and zero-scape.

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