Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More of me is bad for you

This blog is for falling debris and cat-calls from the workers.

Who's says you can't have content when you're out of town.

I'm not sure why, or how, but the good people over at have asked me to be a guest blogger from time to time. Check out the link and read under my pen name of Matt D.

Obviously they aren't great readers, as they would have noticed right off that my posts aren't terribly funny. (although my wife likes them...and that's all that really matters)
I'm wondering if they needed an intern.

Perhaps they liked the Neil Diamond clips. I agree that Neil alone would get me onto almost any site.

What I can't figure out is how they found my site. I've done some research, and I think I've pin-pointed it.

If you do a reverse Google search by hit count, and under "advanced search options" you type the words "mildly funny," I am number 8.

If this wasn't it, the only other explanation is that my Mom called them personally and threatened their first-born unless somebody gave me an affirmation that I can at least make 2nd graders laugh. (insert poop jokes now)

Either way, all this means is more mindless pond-scum emanating from my brain onto the pages of the internet. AT&T says that the entire internet will be full by 2010...and I'm certainly doing my part.


The Nemesing One said...
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The Nemesing One said...

First you turn your back on your friends, and now you're a corporate sell-out. Next step is paparazzi photos of you getting out of your car with no panties on, then you shave your head, get a DUI or 2 and then jail time and rehab. Followed by some freak on YouTube screaming "Leave The Hyp One alone, just leave him alone!" Well if you're Britney, then I'm Paris, let's go party!

Da Old Man said...

I will admit second graders do just laugh at the mere mention of poop, but the more discerning of us do appreciate a well formed poop joke.

Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

Okay, I'm sorry, I forgot what I was going to say. I got distracted by da old man's comment, especially the phrase (out of context) "well formed poop". That alone makes me giggle, which proves the point that poop jokes never fail.

Anonymous said...


Major Undeclared said...

I'm a little shocked and appalled that they didn't ask me first. I must have been in the shower when they called. No one is more mild than me.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will at least have the decency to look down on us when you hit.

boisebyufans said...

Wow!! People actually think you are funny!! You should write about the dead people that haunt your dreams!! Those make for some great laughs too!

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