Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's only money

I grew up not really enjoying fireworks on the 4th of July. I vaguely recall doing hand-held sparklers...but anything more than that was just not done in our family. My mom abhorred the idea of spending money on fireworks. HATED it.
Growing up, most of the fireworks I had, were bought myself.
I remember that my mom would always say that watching fireworks was like burning money. We teased here about this for many years....and then one year she proved it. She took a 5 dollar bill and lit it on fire. I suppose she was trying to teach us a lesson. The only lesson I learned was that a 5 dollar bill burned much quicker than 5 dollars worth of fireworks.
So, as a parent....I buy fireworks. I don't buy hundreds of dollars worth--But I do know that my kids and I enjoy them. We have a good 4th, and look forward to it every year.
If you're a parent, and don't want to buy fireworks---I don't care. You probably have your reasons--You may have no money. You may be concerned about fire safety and harming others. You may have a deep seeded fear of a bottle rocket exploding in your hand. (done it) You may even be concerned about the carbon footprint of a spinning flower.
But if you just think they are a rip-off (which they are---but what isn't a rip-off these days)....and are with-holding this small amount of joy from your kids--well--they only have 1 childhood. 50 bucks every year for a fun family outing...not too bad. At worst, take them to a local FREE fireworks show. We did this most years, and gave me something to look forward to every year.
Let me give you this warning. I was raised to think fireworks were bad. So what did I do the instant I had money and was away from parents?? Went and bought as many fireworks as I could afford. I would then tape as many different kinds together in hopes that I could make the largest explosion ever. Fires were started---and luckily put out. I was wounded plenty---and made up excuses every time. Your children's lives may depend on doing fireworks with them. Or you can copy 5 dollar bills on your PC, and burn the printouts to teach a lesson. (trust me--using real money doesn't work)


The Nemesing One said...

Quoting the Simpsons: "Celebrate the indepenence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it". Just bought $70 worth and looking forward to the joy it will bring my young'uns. Have a good 4th!

MeatWad said...

After you blow up an auto parts's all downhill from there. ..I'm off to buy 3 boxes of Snaps and a couple snakes.

lisa said...

Oh, I so feel the same!

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