Thursday, June 5, 2008

Smell you later

Who doesn't enjoy going into a public restroom after lunch when the office went out for Mexican food? Needless to say, the pervasive smells (and sounds) can be un-nerving to say the least.
It's even worse for guys when they're at the urinals. Don't tell me you've never peed next to a guy who had Corn Pops for me, you'll know. (I'm getting sick as I write this)
There are good smells---perfume, food, your fingers an hour after you've eaten fried chicken, etc. There is also many bad smells out there.
I've often wondered what caused the smells. It was my guess (I'm not a scientist) that the odor particles that were causing the smell were actually made up many smaller pieces of the item that was causing the odor. Thus, when you're smelling Grandma's apple pie, you're smelling the butter in the crust, the apples, etc. Along those lines, when you think you've stepped in Dog poo, and you lift the shoe to your nose to "check," you instantly inhale millions of "little bits of poo." Are you sick yet?
It gets worse. I actually spent 3 1/2 minutes on Google to check my theory. It is correct, but I found much worse. Check out this link, and read to the bottom. You will be thoroughly disgusted. I had never even heard of eyelash mites...and now I've been frantically rubbing my face with the "mumblies." Oh wait...can't do that--I've now passed e coli from my keyboard to my mouth.
Whoever said "knowing was half the battle" didn't know about eyelash mites. Ignorance truly is bliss.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You can imagine what I qas thinking while I was changing Josh's diaper.

boisebyufans said...

This whole post is disgusting, but the cat picture at the top is right there with eyelash mites. What is it like standing next to a guy who has had corn pops for breakfast?? Is it blue instead of yellow?? I'm a little confused. Maybe I don't want to know!!

The Nemesing One said...

After having a Big Borderitto from On The Border. For two days, my gas smells exactly like the burrito; without variation. It's the most incredible thing. We're watching TV that evening, RIIIIIP. "Oh dad had a Big Borderitto". Now Big Macs are a different story, but I'll spare you and your more "gentle" audience the gruesome details.

Major Undeclared said...

I had honey smacks for breakfast the other day, and i felt like i was having seconds when i used the urinal four hours later. It's amazing that something can go all the way through the digestive system and not lose an ounce of the original smell.

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