Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reporting from Planet Nerdville

I just had a team building work party/BBQ. The thought of 20 engineers getting together for a social activity sounds riveting I read on.
Let's go through the party checklist:

Alcohol--Check. (5 large coolers full of alcohol for 20 people...are you kidding me?)
Catered Dutch oven dinner--Check.
Random conversations of work-related topics which I abhor outside of work--Check.
At least 10 different nations represented--Check.
Matching golf shirts with the company logo for everyone--Check.
Volleyball net--Check. (The combined vertical leap of all 20 of us was like 85 inches)
Really bad volleyball by very un-coordinated people--Check.
Way-too-serious guy in his tight gym shorts and workout shirt ready to play volleyball--Check.
Team wanted to wear said matching golf shirts for last game in order to generate pictures for the internal web-site--Check.
Group picture of everybody in said matching golf shirts while a few knelt down in front of the group holding the volleyball just like those little league pictures you used to get--Check.
Me feeling completely sore after playing volleyball for just a couple hours--Check.
Wondering if pre-death Rigor Mortis has set in as I wonder how I can be sore--Check.

I can't wait till next year....perhaps we'll go miniature golfing.


The Nemesing One said...

Hmmm, picturing you in those "tight gym shorts and workout shirt" has got me all worked up. You're a movie guy, so how much like the company picnic in "Mr. Mom" was this? Did you let the boss win?

The Hypocritical One said...

More like tight pants in general, and lounge around shirt. Workout shirt?? You must be mistaking me for someone who benches 300.
The Boss did win...but if you've ever seen a work volleyball game, you'd know that the object is to hit it over any way you can more like ping pong. I actually hit it to one of my team-mates (in order to set up a better shot) and they looked at me like "why don't you just hit it over?"

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful. I'm glad I'm not a nerdy engineer.

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