Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Real life wins again....

When we made our move to our lovely town 5 months ago, I wasn't sure if I should get Qwest DSL and Satellite TV, or just go the Cable Internet/TV route. I decided to go with Cable because they only had a 6 month commitment unlike the satellite companies. I had planned on moving to satellite when we moved to a house (just happened) and the cable commitment was over.
The problem with cable, is that if you want to have digital cable, and DVR, it's a butt-load of extra cash every month.
So, we just went the basic cable route, and then when we missed TV shows that we liked, I just went onto Bittorrent and downloaded them. No biggie...unless you are a nazi technician who works for CableOne.
The cable Internet had been down for a week or so...and I decided to break down and call tech support. After a few minutes of silence reviewing my account, the tech came back and informed me that peer 2 peer file sharing programs that involved downloading TV shows and movies had flagged this account, and it was put on hiatus for violating the cable terms of service. where from here?
Well, in a completely condescending tone, he asked me, "Are you the one doing the downloading?" I said I did know who was doing the downloading on the account. (half-truth as I do know myself..I rule at those)
He then said "Can you promise not to do this again?" I answered in the affirmative...and wondered how this tech support call turned into a confession. He then asked, "Do you promise to delete all material that was downloaded?" HUH??!! It was surreal. But he assured me that the only way I was able get my service back online was to agree to these 2 items. Part of me thought he was outside my window watching me...making sure I was wasn't lying to him while staring into my soul.
He then puts me on hold for a few more minutes (meditation with God I suppose) and comes back and says that he must elevate this to a higher tech level as he cannot resolve the situation himself. HUH??!! I ask when this will be resolved....he says possibly in the next few days.
So, as I sheepishly hung up the phone, and felt like I had just committed a hit-and-run, I reflected back on this conversation. Nothing had changed---no Internet...just a guy with a headset who made me feel ultimate guilt. It was exactly like confession.
August 31st is my last day of cable service, and I will be giving them the proverbial middle finger and switching to Qwest DSL and either DTV or Dish.
The funny part is that if I had gone with satellite, they have DVR included, and there would be no need to download TV shows. Cable DVR was another 35 bucks more...stick it. Come August 31st, I'll DVR Oprah on satellite.


The Nemesing One said...

Nothing gets my ire up like a genuine Orwellian experience. Cable is so dumb. Growing up a neighbor of ours climbed the telephone pole (where the cable junction box was at) and gave everyone on the block that he knew free HBO. 8 years later HBO came knocking on our door wanting all the back payment. My dad looked them in the eye and said, "I don't know what you're talking about. We don't have HBO". And they walked away sheepishly while we returned to a previously video taped episode of "The Hitchhiker".

The Hypocritical One said...

You had cable? I watched "Little house on the Prairie" until I was 13.

The Nemesing One said...

Oh Ya. I was watching scambled boobies on Showtime (which, unlike HBO required a special box, so it was all scrambled)since I was 12 years old. That was back when Martha Quinn was one of the 4 VJ's on MTV!!!!! She rated very high on my "whackability" meter.

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