Monday, June 9, 2008


There's one thing I hate on TV more than anything right now. No, it's not "Shot at love with Tila Tequila," or "Grey's Anatomy." Although they are both terrible, there are 60 seconds on television that may rival some of the worst ever. Have you seen the infomercial for the "ShamWOW!?" It is disgusting. A Ryan Secrist-lookalike with a headset demonstrates the amazing power of the ShamWOW to pick up any liquids....Up to 21 times it's weight!! If you haven't seen the commercial, click this link and you can see it here.
Today I'm not going to discuss whether or not it works--just watch the part where he spills soda pop on the carpet and then magically cleans it up...yeah right--but why they chose the name ShamWOW. Ok...albeit, a shammy is a common cloth to pick up liquid, dry cars, etc. So they took part of the word Sham and put it with WOW. Am I the only one to notice what's wrong with that? This product is---let me slow it down here---a SHAM.....WOW??!!

Why do some marketing geniuses give things certain names. I suppose the slang from that time period isn't something taboo or offensive...but then a few years later a word takes on a different meaning. I full-heartedly believe the Wii will fall under this category. You can only say "Let's go play with my Wii" so many times....
There's others--Vagisil, Anusol...umm...I wonder if they have to put warnings that these things shouldn't be eaten. It might take a genius to know which body part they are applied to.
Have you heard of "Smack my ass and call me Sally, green jalapeno sauce?" Go to and you'll see it there.
Then you have the whole "produced in another country" genre of foods. These are ones where the name doesn't translate over very well...or some rep for the company didn't want to pay an American contractor 10 bucks to say--"The name of that product will never work in America."
Here's a link to some funny product names. Some of the names may be offensive.
Anyhow...I'm back to eating some Hydrox cookies. Sounds delicious...


Anonymous said... eat Hydrox. sounds like a cross between a hydra and an ox.

Anonymous said...

I just bought 8 shamwows for the price of 4. Thanks!!!!!

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