Friday, June 6, 2008


I like Soda Pop. I would prefer an ice cold soda over a candy bar or other treat. It is my dessert. For any of you that has opened up a 20 oz bottle in the last 10 years, you may have noticed something written on the under-side of the cap that resembles a nuclear launch code. Back in the day, you used to be able to look under there and see "Free Pepsi." Then you'd take it to the gas station and get a free Pepsi. I even remember that on Dr. Pepper, you were able to tip the bottles sideways and tell if you had a winner before you purchased the drink. (Oh to be 13 and ripping of VIP again)
But in the recent past there has been a move to putting these "codes" on the caps. What are these codes for? Basically, the codes get you points/credits for prizes, drawings, etc. You must go online and enter in the codes. The problem (if you understand the Chuck E Cheese theory of Diminishing Returns) is that it may take you years to build up enough points to get anything worthwhile.
Case in point. On MyCokeRewards, if you accumulate 48 points (each bottle is 3 points) then you can get a free movie rental from blockbuster. Great...this one just cost you 14 dollars when you forget to return the movie on time.
If you'd rather, 220 points will get you a "Pirate of the Caribbean" t-shirt. Or you can get one for $1.49 on eBay because they way over-produced these things after the terrible 3rd installment of this series.
240 Points will get you an American Idol hat. Or you could wear a t-shirt that reads "I'll tie up 4 hours a week in front of the TV watching bad singing." What--did they run out of "Survivor" camo headbands?
This reminds me of the old McDonald's Monopoly game. You know...where you would get game pieces of each property with food purchases. Once you had all the property in that color, you would win big prizes. The thing is, there was only 1 Tennessee avenue in the entire world...and it went to a 85 year old man who threw it away--still connected to the cup filled with Creme Soda. How many large fries did you have to buy before you gave up with 34 B&O railroads? It's genius really.
Here's the clincher---If you put 8 codes into MyCokeRewards, you get 1 free Coke!! So, while we're all well on our way to type II diabetes furiously downing Cokes to get a mini-slinky, they'll help us along by throwing a free one here and there. Add this to the fact that they get all your personal information like address, phone number, e-mail (And everyone puts it in correctly in order to get their future Plasma TV shipped correctly), and they now have a tracking system which tells them what types of drinks each person has. And they get it for free!! That tears it!!


MeatWad said...

..I heard the gunshot from across the road. I lifted the warm milk to my lips and whispered the word...Caruthers.

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