Saturday, June 7, 2008

Movies that you must always watch

There are roughly 118 bad/boring movies on cable and network TV every day. You know the're flipping through--TNT has Forrest Gump, TBS is showing Days of Thunder, Lifetime is showing the latest "woman's revenge against her cheating lover" movie. These shows are always on...everybody skips through them.
BUT, there are a number of movies that when you run across them, you are REQUIRED to stop and watch. I'm not talking about the obvious ones like Braveheart and Gladiator...I'm talking about ones you may not remember or haven't seen for a long time. I've put together a short list here. Feel free to add any more in comments. Roadhouse is unacceptable.

::Any of the "Mad Max" movies. This is a requirement to being a man.
::The Goonies. One of the greatest movies I saw as a kid.
::Hoosiers. You'll cry and get goosebumps.
::Any of the "Vacation" movies. Although, Vegas Vacation never happened and does not fall into this category.
::Fletch and Fletch Lives. What kind of name is Poon?? Comanche Indian....
::The Sylvester Stallone collaboration--Rocky 1-4, *Rambo*, or Demolition Man.
::Arnold's goodies--Predator, Terminator 2
::The Matrix--I still remember being breathless at the beginning of that movie in the theater--ground-breaking.
::Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. I've seen this movie 34 times.
::Strange Brew. I've seen this movie 86 times.
::Back to the future.
::Any Aliens movie. The first 2 are still amazing.
::Die Hard. Holy crap this list could go on forever.
::The Shining. Some places are like people...some shine and some don't.
::The Princess Bride. This one is for the ladies.
::The last 20 minutes of Karate Kid. Wow what a whiner Daniel-san was.
::And last....but TOTALLY not the least is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Love it.


boisebyufans said...

I would add "Footloose" (for the ladies ha! ha!) ""Pretty in Pink," (great 80's music) "Swing Kids," and "Breakfast Club" rated R, but when edited it is a must stop and watch! I can tell your list is definately a "man's" list because I would have to pass on many of the "shoot 'em up" kind of flicks. You could also rename this blog to "Matt's favorite 80's movies." I would agree on "Ferris..." deninately a must see. Karatee Kid and Princess Bride were great movies too!!

MeatWad said...

I really appreciate you mentioning Rambo and Die Hard, these Rock and I mean Rock.. Like Metallica, not Def Leppard. Timeless classics that are often mocked but are really everyone's favorites. I also like Wizard of Oz, rated G, but when edited to run simultaneously with Pink Floyd's Darkside, it is a must stop and watch!

Anonymous said...

You know if you're at my parents house my dad is going to stop on Waterworld no matter how many times he's seen it! -Char

lisa said...

What about 16 candles? That has got to be in the top 10 of the eighties.

Anonymous said...

16 candles rocks. Molly Ringwald's panties being hoisted in the air for the world to see, and you get to see them on her in The Breakfast Club. So, ya, I agree 16 candles is a must see.

Sean said...

Waterworld was the first movie I saw when I came home from my mission. My dad actually had it on dvd and watched it with me. Hilarious that Craig likes it to. Yes, I loved the nude scene. 2 years is a long time.

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