Saturday, June 28, 2008

I prefer Pralines and Cream over Vanilla

Another NBA draft was laid to rest last night. I managed to tune in for about 10 minutes. It was riveting I tell you. A bunch of guys I've never heard of...and my team picking late in both rounds. Both recipes for an exciting evening. If the players didn't wear such "interesting" suits...nobody would watch.

For your reference, in the NBA, about 12% of the players are white. Over half of those are foreign-born.
One team that is throwing off the curve is my favorite team--the Utah Jazz.
There were 14 players under contract last year, and 5 were white. (36% for the statistically challenged)
In addition, I would probably rank #2 if you had to rate them in terms of good looks. Not a pretty bunch. (pics shamelessly borrowed from cbssportsline)

Fesenko Kirilenko Korver Okur Harpring
So the Jazz had 3 picks in this draft. 1 in the late 1st round, and 2 in the second.
You may be completely surprised to see that the first guy has at least one thing in common with the above players.
Kasta Koufos (big slow white guy)
Well...the 2nd round comes around...and--
The Utah Jazz pick::
2 other slow European white guys....names not important.
I would have hoped to sing the Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other," but no dice.
Another draft...another snoozer.
Authors note::
In no way am I racist or think that black players are better than white players or vice versa.
Nor do I think that the Jazz are racist or prefer players that smell like maple syrup. In fact, if you look back over the recent years of Jazz drafts, you'll find a vast majority of the players are black.
I also do not think that all lanky, goofy-haired European basketball players are ugly. It is probably just coincidence that the above players are.
I also do not think that Sesame Street was racist. Bob McGrath was no better than Maria or the guy who watched Mr. Hooper's store after he died.
I do not think that all white guys are slow. In fact, the day that my company put out free t-shirts and office supplies, was the fastest I've ever seen white engineers run. The smell of "Speed Stick" in the hall was monstrous.
And lastly, I'm 5'11", and weigh 175 pounds. Any one of these men above could squash me with their size 21 shoes. If somehow I become a PR rep for the Jazz, and they were to discover this post, please remember it is all tongue in cheek, and to attempt to gain 12 people to view my site.


MeatWad said...

I hate to tell you this but black players are better than white ones. Black boxers are better than white ones. Black players in all sports but hockey rule the world and that is just because Canada has exactly 6 black citizens. It can't be racism if it is a fact. Black rules professional sports..just ask Chris Rock.

Dan da Man said...

Baseball is ruled by latinos not blacks just so u know meatwad

The Nemesing One said...

dan da man, I think they like to be called Hispaniards now you politically incorrect bastard.

HypOne, it's all about trying to resurrect Mark Eaton don't ya know.

The Hypocritical One said...

Eaton...what about Adam Keefe? Don't know him. I can't believe this guy actually played in the NBA.

Dan da Man said...

The Nemesing One i am proud of that fact

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