Friday, June 20, 2008

Can I have your number?

I'm not at work today....I've decided to take the day off for my birthday. In fact, this post was pre-recorded for your viewing pleasure.
To be completely honest, the reason I'm taking the day off is to move into our new house. I figure it will take 2 days so I rented a truck for today and tomorrow.

"Why don't you ask somebody from work" you may ask.
"Why don't you get a church group to help" you may wonder.
"Call your friends and family" you say......

People don't like me, and I generally don't like them. Thus my wife, brother and I will be moving 16,000 pounds of stuff on my birthday.

I do have a hand truck though.

I love Mad TV. It may be boring or crude at times, but there are some unforgettable skits. Below is one of my favorite characters. PG language for those that may care.


boisebyufans said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy House Moving!!! You remind me of Dan. We too, have never asked for help to move into any of our houses. I recall a 3:00am unloading of our truck two years ago. This post came at the perfect time because my brother is moving next week. He called me last night looking for the bishop's phone # in his new ward. I asked him why he needed it, and he said he needed the elder's quorum to help unload his truck next week. I lost a little bit of respect for my brother last night.

Anonymous said...

You people are so selfish. So wrapped in your own wicked pride that you can't ask for help when you so obviously need it. Yet so quick to condemn those that do. "When ye are in the service of your fellow man...blah, blah, blah" and when serving God you receive blessings. How dare you people deny the people of your ward all those blessings. It's probably because your are so put out when you are called upon to serve others. Oh your wickedness knows no bounds. Time to get on your knees and do some big time repenting, and then, if you have time...I have 13 pallets of sod dying in my driveway that I'll need all your help getting laid down.

The Nemesing One said...

I watched the videos and now I finally understand how you got your wife to agree to marry you.

The Hypocritical One said...

I don't ask for help from church groups as I wish to keep my precious possessions intact. It's odd how poorly people treat your belongings when they hate your guts for asking them to come move.

Oscar said...

I love Mad TV too! This guy is hilarious. I also love the guy who usually hurts himself badly. For example when he wanted to show people how to make a popcorn!

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