Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The (2nd) Funniest Man in America

Phil Hendrie is the 2nd funniest man in America. (No offense...I just think Jim Gaffigan is the funniest person on the planet) Many of you may have no idea who Phil is. In fact, the namesake of my blog comes from this man's pure genius.
Putting it briefly, Phil is a radio talk show host. He has many "guests" whom he interviews, and then takes callers who may have comments on his guests. This is slightly deceiving, as Phil Hendrie actually is doing the voices of these "guests." The stories and discussions that take place are so ridiculous and offensive that some random AM radio listener that just "happened" upon the show without knowing the background, would be inclined to call the show and vent their feelings. And then the hilarity ensues.
It's actually quite amazing the topics he was able to "discuss" on his show. He pushed the limits of racism, religion, politics, sexuality and many other topics in the name of "make-believe." If any other talk show host would have addressed these topics under normal circumstances, they would have been fired much more quickly than Don Imus.
I probably have 40-60 Gigs of audio of his shows. I've passed many a boring day typing in code at the computer with Phil keeping me going. In fact, I've irritated past cube-mate's multiple times as I would spontaneously burst into laughter.
My blog would be infinitely more popular if I just posted audio clips of his bits. Below is the youtube clip of what many consider his most popular clip of all time. It's good...but you have to hear the context of a full show to enjoy the total package. The best part is that he just comes up with this stuff on the fly.
The character's name is Mavis Leanord. You can read more about her and her background on Henripedia. This clip is relating to her nephew who just passed away. She heard that the Catholic religion ate the body/blood of Jesus in their Sacraments, and is distressed. I in no shape or form endorse any of the beliefs given in this clip. But it is really funny. There is mild language and topic.


The Nemesing One said...

Pure Genius.

boisebyufans said...

Would you stop bantering with my husband!! OH, and tell your wife I would love to see pictures of your new house!! If she isn't going to be obsessed with blogspot like her husband, she could atleast send me pictures via e-mail. :)

The Hypocritical One said...

She probably wants to get it painted first. Rather...she probably wants me to paint it first.

MeatWad said...

Why can't BYU fans stay on topic? This one must be married to the annon one from your last post.
Back to the point. Phil is a God. Destroys "The Pale One" in volume of material alone. Hot pockets are funny, but not much in comparison to the Universe created by Phil. Mark my words, friends with Walter Bellhaven or no, Herb Sewell will be President some day.

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