Friday, June 27, 2008

10 dollar a gallon gasoline

Oh great....another blog post about high gas prices. What's next--a great post about how to make money on the Internet??
You know...I hate 4 dollar a gallon gas. I would even hate 5 bucks more. And if it hit 8 bucks...I'd be close to rioting.
But 10 dollar a gallon gasoline?? Bring it on.....


Do I think it'd be good for the country?--No.
Do I think people would be hurting financially?--Yes.
Would I be hurting financially?--No.

Why, you may ask. Well, I think 10 dollar gasoline is my cutoff. I believe I'd pay up to 10 bucks a gallon for gas. Would my driving habits change before that? Yes. But at 10 bucks...I stop driving completely.
I live in a small town. This is generally a bad thing. There are about 4 restaurants, and 3 of them are Chinese buffets. Retail shopping is non-existent, and the late show at the theater starts at about 7:45 PM.
The benefits of living in a small town are also apparent. I can see vintage Jeep Wagoneers almost every day with less than 60% rust. No gas pumps are digital, so I can be sure there won't be a computer glitch and charge me more. But the best thing is that everything is close by. I can get anywhere in town in 15 minutes. There is no such thing as traffic here..unless you count driving behind a tractor.
Google maps has told me that I live 7.5 miles from work. At 10 bucks a gallon, I would consider riding a bike to work. (never running...we have already covered that) Perhaps something with a banana seat...maybe with pegs so I can join a "bike-pool."
7.5 miles to 6 mph (my chicken legs cannot go faster)....stopping twice to get a drink.....once to pee...carry the 6....and I've just done about 90 minutes of exercise. Double that for the drive home, and in 6 months, I've shaved off my jelly roll, and worked off at least two of my chins. I'd be fit, healthier...and my wife may actually find me attractive.
Who self image may be so much better, that I get involved in the community. Run for Mayor. In a few years, I'd be looking at a seat in congress. By the time I'd changed Washington, I'd be invited to be on the board for a few multi-billion dollar corporations. I'd retire at 55, and live a healthy and active life (because of biking) for the next 25 years while basking in my millions.
So...while the nation, Obama and McCain go on and on about the price of oil....I'm hoping they find a few new protected species in Alaska to hold off on drilling. Couple this with China and India heading toward a 50% increase in demand...and 10 bucks is within view.

--I've been thinking about this.....either I purchase a bike---or I buy an electric golf cart. If I had the golf cart, there is room for 4 sodas, and about a half dozen Mcgriddles breakfast meals in the back bin. Do you think they'd let me take the cart through the aisles at the grocery store, or would I have to make a transfer to one of their own "fat carts" they have?

I wonder what the weight limit is for a golf cart....??


The Nemesing One said...

Have you considered a Pogo-stick? It economical and fun!

boisebyufans said...

People who read this and don't know what you look like will think you are a 10 ton hippo, who is constantly at the McDonald's drive thru. I am finally glad to be able to read your blog again, I try to avoid any and all posts about Male bathrooms, TMI my friend!

Still waiting for photo's of your new house. Have your wife e-mail me.


The Hypocritical One said...

I don't care what I actually weigh...I look in the mirror and see a fat, pasty saggy sack of sponges.

Anonymous said...

I've seen you too, you are a disgusting fatty. Your hind end looks like a bunt cake that was stepped on by a football team with cleats. Tell me, do those little cellulite bubbles pop when you sit down on them? BTW...a golf cart supports up to a single 400lb passenger. I've checked it out.

MeatWad said...

I agree anonymous, he is swine-like in many ways. Here pig, piggy, pig..

The Nemesing One said...

I couldn't agree more. SUUUUUE WEE all the way chunk style lard ass.

Bring on more guy toilet talk. It rox.

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