Monday, May 19, 2008

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no....nevermind.

I admit...I didn't watch a minute of the game on Friday. I was out of town, and had planned to catch the 2nd half....but when I heard the score, I decided to sit this one out.
The Jazz were beat by a better team (who will be better next year) and had a great year. I don't feel like stating my opinions for roster moves going into next year---at least not while the wounds are fresh. Regardless, the man pictured above will be making some serious dough in the next couple years...let's pray it's in a Jazz uniform.
BTW, my brother-in-law saw Deron driving around town in a Maserati....When I first heard this story, I thought he said a Miata. I asked why D-Will would drive a girls car. I was quickly re-buffed---although if anyone could look cool driving a would Williams.


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