Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say it with a Sign....

I've never understood personalized license plates. OK...well maybe I can in a few cases--Single testosterone-filled guys, real-estate agents, short people. Are people trying to send a message? Is there something that is so important, that you want every other driver on the road to know what it is? Well then....What is it??!! How many times have you passed a car and wondered....what does FFLLEF mean? What are they trying to say? If nobody understands what the message is....then is there really a point to having one at all?

Since I've lived in Idaho, I've seen A TON of personalized license plates. I think that the ratio of vanity plates increases with the size of the car. And because roughly 65% of Idaho residents drive trucks, the number of vanity plates here is enormous. Unfortunately, statistics are not on my side. A CNN article states that Virginia leads the nation in vanity plates. I still think that Idaho has to be on the high side if you take the ratio of vanity plates to people.

So I decided to visit the Idaho transportation department's web-site to see what plates were available. Unfortunately, redneck was taken. (big surprise there) But I did find other plates that I felt would be a good representation of the state. See below. (I will say, that each plate is reviewed and if the language is offensive, they will reject it...so perhaps these plates have been attempted thousands of times, and been rejected every time)

For those of you who can't get enough of hilarious and interesting personalized license plates, hit this link, and read to your heart's content. And for the rest of us that are not self-absorbed, let's enjoy the rest of our day. (But wait...isn't a personal blog just a way of expressing how self-absorbed you actually are???? Perhaps that is why they call me....The Hypocritical One....)


MeatWad said...

BYU does Suck, and that fact does merit a vanity plate.

boisebyufans said...

I guess "UofU Sux" was already taken--that's a given!!

The Hypocritical One said...

UofU Sux was 8 characters and thus not available...nor would anyone choose this plate.

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