Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing to see here...

I'm so sick of tv election coverage. Do we really need to know that a candidate has acid reflux...and how devastating this may be to his/her campaign?
Why does the Democratic party want Clinton to quit so bad? I'm not a Clinton supporter, but if she wants to fund her campaign until the end of time, then let her. It's not like she's getting Ron Paul-esque numbers. She's still a popular candidate.
It's fairly obvious that Obama will get the nomination, and I think he'll jump to a double-digit lead in the polls over Mccain after this. The Clinton voters will get over their anger in their candidate being gone, and support Obama. But if the Democrats really want to take the white house, then the "super"-delegates should force Obama to take Hilary as his VP. I bet you'd see a 20 point victory in the fall over Mccain if that were to happen.
In other news, Crest White-strips has pulled John Mccain from their advertising campaign, citing a "difference in opinion."


MeatWad said...

A humble prayer: Dear Lord, please take Hilary away...for good. I don't wish her ill, I just want her gone from my TV and my life, forever. Please. Grant me this blessing and that thing I keep promising to never do again, consider it done forever. Amen.

thebrewclub said...

I loved meatwad's prayer. I think I will recite it also before bed!

Still, I'm not sure the "Dream Team" ticket is going to blow out McLame in November. (See prayer above for reason why)

The Hypocritical One said...

Meatwad can never promise to quit that thing...impossible.

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