Friday, May 16, 2008

No rolling over

Last season when the Jazz were facing elimination at the hands of the Spurs, the team seemed to give up. Not Deron Williams mind you---that boy literally carried our team in that series. AK and Memo seemed to be apathetic in their performances.

AK was rolling in the high-tempo Golden State series where he gave match up problems to the Warriors. When we met the Spurs, he became invisible. He's not a great post-up player, and it isn't until this year that he's found his stroke from the outside when he shoots within the offense and doesn't force shots.

Memo looked lackadaisical against Duncan. Not that Memo is a great defender in general...but he looked like he took many possessions off.

Let's hope tonight that Memo can get by his Achilles injury and hit some big shots. Just keeping a body on Gasol will help. I'd much prefer Gasol shooting 8 foot jumpers than getting layups. AK has been great in the LA series. His defense on Kobe has been great at times. Does Kobe get his 30-7-6 every game?? Yes...but AK is long and fairly quick on his feet. He's generally a better option that the other guys we have to guard Kobe.

Williams will get his, and I've already written Boozer off in this series. Sometimes I wish Milsap would get a little more court-time. At least he shows a little more on the defensive end...even if he averages a foul every couple of minutes.

Go Jazz!!


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