Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iron Mike

I bet if you polled junior high school boys about their favorite boxer, you would get blank stares....nobody knows any boxers anymore.
In 1987, you could have polled their favorite sports personality and overwhelmingly would have gotten the response--Mike Tyson!
I never watched boxing during that time...but I had access to the original Nintendo which opened up a new world of boxing prowess unbeknownst to young souls such as I. Muhammad Ali...who's he? George Foreman...huh? But the mere mention of Soda Popinski or Mr. Sandman would unleash tales of beating Super Macho Man en route to fighting Mike Tyson. Bragging didn't involve who could hit the ball further, or run faster, but telling friends that little mac didn't even get punched until the 2nd Piston Honda.
Oh the beauty of Nintendo. Based on Tecmo Super Bowl, I truly believed that Bo Jackson and Christian Okeye were the best and fastest players in the NFL. Why wouldn't you? If you called run1 or run2 with the Raiders, you had 15 yards every time.
Mike Tyson had the up and coming male generation in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately he squandered it away...beginning with his lazy "one-punch" technique he tried to use in every fight. When Buster Douglas came out of nowhere to knock Tyson out---I was shocked. Did I watch the fight? No...but I had heard---Iron Mike--the baddest man on the planet--had lost to a nobody. He tried a comeback, and was in line to fight Holyfield for the title when he stooped to a new low and was convicted of rape.
So as I grew older and Tyson came out of prison, I hoped that he had been reformed, and he would come back and shock the world as he had once done. Well...after biting off an ear, getting a bad case of the road-rage's, bankruptcy, and injuries, his career was basically over. I feel juked...who knows how many payperviews I chipped in to see him fight (way to go Spinks), or how high he could have raised. He could have been Tiger Woods, and has chosen to follow the path of Michael Jackson. The world was yours Iron Mike.....just ask Don Flamenco.


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