Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Drive through scams....

Who doesn't like the concept of a drive-through to get food? A guy totally invented this concept. You can wear scooby doo boxers, pink flip flops, and a casual-dress polo up top, and nobody is the wiser when you pull up to get your food.
I mean think about it...if a place has a drive-through, and an equivalent eatery does's a no-brainer which one you're going to choose.
Well, the mega-billion dollar companies know this also. This is why they have comprised the biggest scam since Ron Popeil took the world by storm many years ago.
I don't know about you...but roughly 42% of the time that I order something in a drive-through, my order is either wrong or incomplete. Was it a mistake? Not likely. I contend that 1 in every 13 to-go orders are mandated to be prepared incorrectly or be incomplete. "Why would they do this", you may ask. It's quite simple...the vast majority of people will either:
A: Notice that they were shorted as they pull away. Ex. You feel the massiveness of the 5 for 5.95 roast beef sandwiches in the bag....but as you look inside, notice only 4 sandwiches, and 14 packets of Arby's sauce.
B: Get home and notice that something is missing. Ex. Your Big Mac only has 1 patty. You place a layer of mayonnaise where the other patty should be to compensate.
C: Will not pull away from the window until they have itemized everything in the bag twice, and then request extra fry sauce and a diet Pepsi with LIGHT ICE. All the while, the guy behind you has 4 minutes to make it to work and just wants his 2 apple pies for a dollar. Give the guy a break and pull forward.
Not many people fall into category C, and the food industry knows this. Even more egregious is the "repeat rule." This is where your license plate has been marked in the store as someone who has been scammed in the past. The odds of you getting an incorrect order under this scenario jumps to 1 in 4. I can personally testify that this is a true scenario. Arby's has gotten my order correct roughly 13% of the time.
So why would they want to irritate their customers? Well...odds are that you won't remember the bad experience as the "Baconator" is staring you in the face. Am I right?
Plus, let's do some simple math. Let's say that McDonalds saves 25 cents per every customer that they short on patties/burgers/drinks/etc. A quick Google search shows that 47 million customers go every day. (worldwide) I'd guess 50% of them in the drive through instead of going in.
So--23.5 millions customers.....1 in 13 get ripped off.....25 cents per customer....carry the 4....take the numerator....hold the remainder......I get over 450,000 dollars PER DAY that McDonalds saves...and that is only 1 restaurant. 164 million dollars A YEAR!!!!! Screw $3.79 for gas...I want my last mcnugget!!!


MeatWad said...

Wow, you know a lot about fast food specials and combo meals. You must be a mammoth. You should count the shortage as a blessing, I know your 2nd chin will.

The Hypocritical One said...

My 2nd chin is jealous of my 4th chin flap. It gets much sunlight.....

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