Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blown Chances

They had their chances. Even after a turnover-filled 1st half, the Jazz had numerous chances to take the lead and win the game.

Fans may complain about the officiating (especially with Javie and Delaney), but that wasn't the problem....We just didn't hit our shots when it mattered most. Numerous times in the 3rd and 4th quarters we had an opportunity to go ahead--which I think would have been huge mentally--but couldn't do it. So we played to their level and fell short at the end.

Who do you blame??

The officials--no. The Lakers are a faster team getting to the while Kobe and Odom may not get much contact while going to the rim, they do a darn good job of initiating and selling the call. Kudos. Williams, AK and Boozer probably get as much contact, but aren't as successful at selling it...hopefully they will get better at this as the years go by.

Blame our bench?--no. Turnovers?--no..we overcame those in the 2nd half. Memo not hitting big shots?--no. I lay the bulk of the blame at the foot of Carlos Boozer. Although many others did also, I do not blame him for his lack of driving to the hoop. I actually thought he tried that on many occasions in the game. Odom and Gasol are very long, and give Booze problems. I do think he could initiate more body contact..but that's another post.

The blame is on Booze for his abhorrent, piss-poor defense. It is painful to watch Lamar Odom go casually by Boozer on almost every occasion for rebounds, dunks and layups. I firmly believe that if Boozer would "stay home" more often on defense and defensive rebounds, Odom would be having a pedestrian-like it is, he became the go-to-guy in the last two games. He was 8-12 in the game, and didn't shoot much outside of the paint. Ridiculous. Paint Boozer orange, and he'd be a traffic cone showing Odom which way to drive to the hoop. So while many Jazz fans are calling for him to be more aggressive and take it to the hoop, I just want him to keep a body on Odom at all times, and box him out. Go Jazz.

Oh...maybe I'll just complain about the refs a little bit. While they didn't do a terrible job of officiating, they did fall into the trap of "catering to the home crowd." I realize its hard to make unpopular calls on a home court, but sometimes you must "nut up" and do it. The Harpring no-call when he was run over was infuriating....but that's the way it goes.

And I don't care how much money it takes to wrap D-Willy up in a long-term deal--he carries this team through thick and thin. He's a warrior.


boisebyufans said...

Does your wife even know you have this blog?? Because I would really like to see pictures of your kids!!! Hope you are all doing well!!

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